Maundy Thursday service – March 29 @ 7:00pm
Good Friday service – March 30 @ 7:00pm
Saturday Evening Worship – UPWARD CALL @ 5:30 p.m.
Join us for worship with contemporary and traditional songs of inspiration!


When going on the journey through Lent, it can seem like you’re trudging through fog.  As we entered the 2018 edition of this church season, that’s literally what happened!  Ash Wednesday was not a particularly positive day.  It started off nice and sunny with warmer temperatures than we’ve been used to this winter.  But when I got back to the church after lunch, the sun had fallen behind a wall of clouds.  Then came the news of the horrific school shooting in Florida.  And as afternoon left and evening came, thick fog rolled in.  In some of the outlying areas, people said they couldn’t see the barn when they looked out the house window – it was so thick!  We still had a good crowd show up for that evening’s worship service, but the shooting and the fog put a damper on what was already a solemn time in the church.

The season of Lent is not particularly fun or exciting.  It’s not like Advent when we sing Christmas carols and we have the excitement of preparing for Christmas.  The decorations in the church are much simpler and more muted as well.  But just like Advent, the journey of Lent is meant to prepare us.  At Christmas, we welcome the Christ child to our lives; at Easter, we remember Jesus’ victory over sin and death.  Both are extremely happy events that we must go through a difficult time to reach.  We certainly wish we didn’t have to go through these difficulties to get to the goal – at least not six and a half weeks of them!, but isn’t that what life is?  

Too often these days, we’re fed the belief that life should always be easy and comfortable.  We do everything we can to have life be fun and escape anything that hurts us.  If you hurt, there’s a pill for that; if a relationship is tough, just break it off; if you think life would be better with (insert material item here), then buy it with your credit card and you’ll be satisfied – for the next week or so.  But what isn’t stated is that this satisfaction, this comfort will eventually wear off and you’ll be wanting/needing more.  And if you don’t get whatever you want, you’ll be disappointed/frustrated/angry – even though you weren’t told that would happen.  Then there’s another medication or thing your credit card will buy to bring you happiness again…for a little while.  No, life itself is actually foggier on average than we’d like to admit.  There are going to be days, weeks and even years when it can seem very difficult to find your way; you’re stumbling through the haze, unable to make your way clearly.  It’s not much fun – we’d rather see plainly and not have to struggle.  We’d rather have life be easy, be able to count all the blessings God gives us, and never be able to complain about anything.  But this life we’re given isn’t made up entirely of Christmas and Easter.  We’re blessed to receive those as high points every year – times to celebrate, but we need to remember the majority of life is spent in a normal, everyday, plain fashion.  Then there are also the very bad times we go through – struggling through the fog and even lightning storms.  All of this is part of the life we lead, and we shouldn’t be surprised when they show up.

Thankfully when I got up in the morning on the day after Ash Wednesday, the fog had very nearly vanished.  It caused discomfort for a night; then moved on.  That’s a fitting description for the Lenten season. For a few weeks each year, our normal everyday routine is interrupted (if we choose) by a rather unwelcome guest.  We are asked to concentrate more on our spiritual lives.  We might agree to give up something we like or include an additional good action to our days.  We try to think and act more like Jesus.  And to be honest, that can be difficult and tiring.  Besides the spiritual joy of Easter, we look forward to that day because we can eat chocolate again or not read daily devotions.  But going through the fog to get there; experiencing some difficulties on the road to the reward can help us better understand what God does for us; how Jesus suffered on that first Lenten journey.  So instead of cursing the fog and being mad as you try vainly to blow it away, be willing to step cautiously yet boldly through it.  You know there’s a good result to be gained at the end, and Christ is walking with you each step of the way.  Walk through the fog of Lent, and reach the joy of Easter on the other side.

Journeying through the fog with you,  
Pastor Ryan

Worship Assistants
Mar. 4 – 8:00am – Mary Vos; 10:15am – Lyle Bush
Mar. 11 – 8:00am – Craig Brady; 10:15am – Grace Paisley
Mar. 18 – 8:00am – Jean Tichler; 10:15am – Faith MacLennan
Mar. 25 – 8:00am – Jeanne Ridley; 10:15am – Kevin Larsen

8:00am – Tim and Kellie Kohl
10:15am – Mar. 4 – Mel Johnson; Jeremy, Stacie and Troy Baker
Mar. 11– Terry & Linda Jones; Pat Marinangeli; Abby Tessendorf
Mar. 18 – Vicky Humphrey; Richard Swanson; Ken Gooley; Bill Kuehl
Mar. 25 – Kent & Audrey Humphrey; Fred Steele; Hannah Linder

Sound Technicians
8:00am – Jayne Pape / Rick Smith
10:15am – Mar. 4 – Kent & Audrey Humphrey
Mar.11 – TBD
Mar. 18 – Jeremy Baker and William Patton
Mar. 25 – Thomas Dykema and Thomas Ottens 

Nursery Attendants
Mar. 4 – Nolan Dykema and Hope MacLennan
Mar. 11 – Audrey Humphrey and TBD
Mar. 18 – Sidonna Mahaffey and TBD
Mar. 25 – Katie Rider and TBD

Children’s Church
Mar. 4 – Mary Jo Gooley and Carole Patton
Mar. 11 – Kelsie Lowery and Denise Smith
Mar. 18 – Stacie Baker and Carole Patton
Mar. 25 – Doug Dykema and Charla Olson

Mar. 4 – 10:15am – Landon Cook and Wyatt Goossens
Mar. 11 – 10:15am – Emmeline Rider and Sydni Tessendorf
Mar. 18 – 10:15am – Annabelle Blevins and Jovie Patton
Mar. 25 – 10:15am – Jayden Kershaw and Will Meier

Worship – Tuesday, March 6 at 6:30pm
Staff / Parish – Monday, March 12 at 6:00pm
Education – Monday, March 12 at 7:00pm at FPC
Ad Council – Thursday, March 15 at 6:00pm
Ushers – Sunday, March 18 at 11:30am
New Members – Tuesday, March 20 at 6:00pm
Trustees – Thursday, March 22 at 6:30pm

CONFIRMATION CLASS – Mar. 4 and March 11
Confirmation class will continue their learning about God, Jesus and the church on March 4 and March 11. Please be in prayer for them as they learn and make spiritual decisions.

There will be a Cornerstones potluck on Monday, March 5 at MUMC in Heritage Hall. Just bring your dish to pass and your table service at 11:30am. A drink will be provided. Come enjoy the noon hour out of the house and socializing with family and friends!

Pastor Ryan will be leading Communion at Resthave Home on Monday, March 5. This will take place at 3:00pm in the Chapel. You’re welcome to join the service and maybe stay to “catch up” with fellow parishioners. They would be happy to see you.

The Red Cross blood drive will be at the Morrison United Methodist Church in Heritage Hall on Friday, March 9. This good cause is held from 12noon to 6:00pm every other month. If you can help out with a donation, please stop in. Give the gift of life!

All women are invited to a women’s ministry “Rooted in Christ” that will be held at the Ebenezer Reformed Church (309 E Park St., Morrison). Many churches felt more Saturdays need to be available for women to grow in faith together.
The conference will be held Saturday, March 10 from 8:00am to 12:30pm with two keynote speakers – Lee Nienhuis speaking on “Ignite Your Passion to Pray” and Jay Paylietener will be speaking on “What Men Need Women to Know”.
Please consider attending and inviting your friends. Tickets are $20. There are tickets available at the MUM office. You can contact Kellie Kohl at 772-4174 or or Carole Patton at 772-2478 with any questions or to purchase tickets.

It’s almost that time of year again – when we switch our clocks to have more daylight hours in the afternoon. This is when we ‘spring forward’. Before you head to bed on Saturday night (March 10), be sure to set your clocks AHEAD one hour. You don’t want to miss out on worship and Sunday School, do you?! We may miss that hour of sleep, but the extra daylight will be well worth it!

We would like to recognize the Girl Scouts who attend MUMC! On Sunday, March 11 at the 10:15am service, we will have them show us the patches they’ve earned, learn about what they are accomplishing, and have a prayer with them. Let’s show support to these girls as they learn to be better citizens.

The Smiths and Humphreys will be headed to Memphis again in September for St. Jude Rides. On Sunday, March 11, you are invited to a chicken & biscuits lunch after the 10:15am service. The menu will include chicken ‘n biscuits, vegetable, salad, dessert, and drinks. The cost will be a free-will donation. All proceeds will go to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Come enjoy the fellowship while helping the fight against childhood cancers!

The senior high Youth Group upcoming events are listed below. *The eighth-graders are invited to join the Senior High events.
1. Wednesday, March 14 – 5:00pm to 7:00pm – COMMUNITY MEAL VOLUNTEERING: Help make desserts and set up tables for the following day’s free Community Meal. Dinner is on the house. Thanks for volunteering!
2. Monday, March 26 to Wednesday, Mar. 28 – STRONGHOLD RETREAT AND WORK TRIP: We will return to the Castle Stronghold for a free retreat and work trip during Spring Break. Plan on leaving Monday morning and returning around noon on Wednesday. Please R.S.V.P. by Thursday, Mar. 1.

LILIES AND MORE – Orders due Mar. 15
You’re invited to donate a flower in memory, honor, or celebration of a person, family or event for Easter. The choices of flowers and cost are listed on the order form found in this newsletter.
All orders need to be received in the church office by Thursday, March 15. You may take your flower home after the 10:15am service on April 1.

We are asking all current ushers and anyone interested in becoming an usher for either 8 or 10:15am services to attend a brief meeting at 11:30am on Sunday, March 18.  We’ll meet in the Sanctuary to go over schedules, procedures and more. You can contact Mel Johnson, Joe Klimson Jr., Michelle Van Dyke or Pastor Ryan for more information on how to become an usher.

If you are interested in becoming an official member of the Morrison UM Church (either by transfer from another church or this being your first church), you are invited to attend a New Members class meeting on Tuesday, March 20 from 6:00 to 7:00pm in the church Library.  You’ll learn about United Methodism, John Wesley, our own church, and have your questions answered.  Pastor Ryan will lead the discussion. Come and see what being a member of MUMC is all about!

The National Men’s 1-day Equipping Conference will be held in Davenport, IA on Saturday, March 24. This event is being hosted by Focal Point Ministries in Fulton, IL. There are several different seminars being offered for men from the age of 13 and older. The Conference runs from 8:30am until 4:55pm. Registration (based on 10 days prior to the event) for 1-9 attendees is $64 / per – includes lunch. $56 / without lunch. More than 10 attendees $55 / includes lunch, $47 / without lunch. Keynote speakers this year are Darryl Strawberry and Bruce Fong.  If interested, please sign up on the sheet in the Narthex or contact Ken Gooley at (cell) 309-737-5940 or (home) 815-772-2894 for more information.

On the Sunday before Easter, we will watch the children as they wave their palm branches in the air at the start of the 10:15am service – just as the crowds welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem. But then we will concentrate on the Passion of Christ – his willingness to go to the cross for our sins.  At both services, there will be a dramatic reading of John 18 and 19 with various characters. We would like eight people to read these roles – see Pastor Ryan if you can help out.  It’s a way of making what Jesus did for us be seen in a different light.

The Morrison Ecumenical Chorus will present the Lent and Easter portions of G.F. Handel’s “Messiah” on Sunday, March 25. The performance will be at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Morrison beginning at 7:00pm.  A free-will offering will be taken to cover expenses, with any excess proceeds used to fund other Morrison Ministers Council projects.
The entire community is invited to attend this concert which has become a significant part of Lenten and Easter observations for both the singers and the audiences. 

Beginning at 7:00pm, you are invited to attend the remembrance of the Last Supper. This is the time when Jesus revealed that he would be going to the cross and shared his last meal with the disciples.  Two highlights of this service are the sharing of Holy Communion and the Tenebrae service.  This is the lighting and extinguishing of the disciples’ candles – an interesting visual display of what happened that night.  You don’t want to miss this spiritual high point of Holy Week.

One of the traditions of the Morrison area is for the churches to combine and do the Cross Walk. Everyone is invited to gather together at 12:15pm at Resthave Nursing Home where there will be a short worship service; we will then walk with the cross to the Pleasant View Home. There will also be a bus available for those who want to experience the journey, but can’t walk it.  It’s a way to share a bit of what Jesus dealt with on his journey to the cross.

This year we’ll try something different for worship on Good Friday.  We will host a 30-minute quiet service starting at 7:00pm in the Sanctuary.  We will gather to say prayers, sing songs accompanied by the piano, and take time to think about Jesus’ sacrifice.  Join us for this moving, peaceful service.

The Saturday before Easter is always a difficult day.  It’s not painful like Good Friday, but we haven’t yet gotten to the joy of Easter.  Join us at 5:30pm on Saturday for a service that honors the in-between time but eventually celebrates what we know comes in the morning.

EASTER – April 1
It’s no joke – Easter is on April Fool’s Day this year!  But this year, it’ll be a great celebration!  There will be three worship services that day.  The first is our half-hour ‘sunrise’ service beginning at 6:30am.  It will likely be held in the Sanctuary as Easter is early this year and it could be cold outside.  After this service, there will be a continental breakfast served in Heritage Hall from 7:00 to 8:00am.  Join us for breakfast after the ‘sunrise’ service or before the 8:00am one. A free-will offerings will be accepted. The 8:00am and 10:15am services will be celebratory with the Choir singing at the second service.  Invite your family, friends and neighbors to join us for any or all of the services.  Let us praise together the risen Savior!

The Trustees will be holding a Project/Clean-up Day on Saturday, April 7 from 8:00am to 12noon.  The rain date will be Saturday, April 14. You’re welcome to come anytime during the morning and stay as long or as little as you are able. Your help is appreciated! 
– Thank you from the Trustees

Wednesday, April 11, 5-7pm – meet at FPC: We’ll head to Rockwood State Park and hike out to the giant oak tree for a picnic dinner. In inclement weather, still come to the church and we’ll do something else.
  Wednesday, May 2, 4-7pm – meet at the high school track bleachers. We’ll watch the track meet and then head to dinner. There we will plan out future Youth Group events through the end of summer.

   The Memorials, Trustees and Decorating Committees have been meeting and working hard on our Memorial Tree which will be installed on the south wall of the Heritage Hall.  We are still working on the best way to hang it – for maximum longevity, ease of installation, and ease of removal to inscribe the leaves.  It will likely be in the spring when it is now installed.
   The decision was made to recognize all people who had made donations in memory to the church from January 1, 2015 until the present with an engraved leaf. (*Please note that the February newsletter had a mistake in it as to the date.) If your loved one’s memorial was given prior to 2015 and you would like to have a leaf with his/her name on it, you are invited to purchase one for $10 – covering the costs.  Let the office know and we will have it ready soon.

On the Sundays of Lent this year, we’ll learn about aspects of this holy season and Easter – such as when the date of Easter is determined and why we have symbols like the cross and the Easter bunny.  Be here each week to learn more!

Lillian Unger, the sister-in-law of Ramona Glazier and mother-in-law of Vicki Wiebenga, fell in early
February and was in a Rockford hospital for a short time. She is back in Morrison, doing well, and recovering at Resthave now.  It would brighten her day to hear from you – welcoming your cards and visits, too.  You can visit or send cards to Lillian at 408 Maple Ave., Room #N121, Morrison, IL  61270.  

We continue to have lively sessions with our eleven Confirmation students about every other week.  We are going over the seasons of the church year, and now have started looking at more traditional United Methodist aspects of our faith.  In the spring, we’ll be taking a field trip to a large church in the Quad Cities, and we’ll do some mission work in Rockford.  We are looking at having Confirmation Sunday sometime in May.  Please continue to pray for our youth as they learn and grow in their faith.

A heartfelt thank-you to everyone who came out to support the March of Dimes and St. Jude ham dinner. Over $300 was raised for each of these charities. Thank you also to all those who helped clean-up.  You sure helped us get done earlier. The United Methodist Church is a great place to be anytime. – Rick and Darlene Smith; Denice Smith and family

A big thank-you to everyone who took time to check your information on file at MUMC. We like to keep the church family in contact with each other. A copy of the updated MUMC Directory is on the counter outside of the office. If you do not see any, Chris would be happy to run additional copies. Just let her know.

Have you been ill or in another state? We have a way to keep you connected to MUMC during these times. We have worked out the ‘kinks’ and have the worship videos available on a channel on the internet. 
To be able to view them, you must have internet access and provide an email address to the office so we can add you to access the video by an emailed link sent to your social media mail (Gmail) or email account. Send the church office an email at to let us know you’re interested. We will add you to the group we “share” the video with and a link will be sent to you.

A big thank you to everyone who bought sub sandwiches and ate at the Soup and Subs Lunch.  We sold a total of 150 subs and served about 75 people for the Lunch – collecting approximately $215.  The money goes to the Youth Fund and to those who will go on the Mexico Mission Trip in 2019.  Thanks to everyone – adults and youth – who helped with the set-up, serving and putting together of subs.  And special thanks to Angela and Alicia Sheddan for their fine culinary skills in making the potato and hamburger soups!

We had a good number of Sunday School kids who stood outside the doors of the Sanctuary on Feb. 4 to collect change and dollars for the “Souper Bowl”, an annual event on Super Bowl Sunday to raise money to eliminate hunger.  Thanks to your generosity, we raised $275 for the Morrison Food Pantry which we house in our own building.  Thanks for helping feed those in our community who are hungry!

EPIC CENTER (old Trinity building) – March 16
Another top-notch Christian recording will be in Fulton, IL on Friday, March 16 at the Epic Center (the old Trinity building). Austin French is an artist whose hit “Freedom Hymn” is getting major airplay on Christian radio across the United States. Are you ready to worship with Austin? 
The general admission tickets are $10 and are available from, the Epic Center (563-249-3803), or John Dail (815-441-5453). You can check out Austin’s hit song on YouTube (

The 4-day bus trip to the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum will be leaving Monday, Apr. 16 and returning Thursday, Apr. 19. Your final payment is due by Thursday, March 15.
If you have any questions, you can email Sally Gray at  or call her at 815-499-4741 or email Charla Olson at or call 815-622-1956.

BIBLE STUDY – Wednesday nights
We will continue on with our study of the Old Testament for the Wednesdays of March.  Contact Pastor Ryan if you’d like more information – we meet each Wednesday at 6:00pm in the Library.

– March 10
The Chana United Methodist Church will be having a chicken-noodle and lasagna supper on Saturday,
March 10, from 4:00 to 6:30pm. Everyone is invited to partake. The meal will include salads, cheesecake, coffee or a cold drink. The youth will also be holding a bake sale at the supper.
The cost of the supper will be as follows: Advance reservations – $9/Adult, $5/children 6-12; at the door – $10/Adults, $5.50/children ; children under 5 eat free. All carry-outs are $10 each. You can contact the Chana church office at 815-732-7683 for more info.

PART-TIME HELP NEEDED – immediate need
Sheri Radenslaben is in immediate need of a part-time and a weekend Personal Assistant. Sheri is looking to fill the positions as soon as possible. Sheri is flexible on the times. She needs an individual who can do light cooking and household cleaning, and tend to her personal grooming. Each day/shift would consist of 3 hours per day on a weekly basis. One individual would need to be available Monday through Friday and a second person would be needed for the Saturday and Sunday shifts. The candidates do not need to be CNA trained/licensed. If you are interested, please call Sheri at 815-772-3126 to schedule an interview.

The Morrison Brethren in Christ is sponsoring the Moody Men’s Collegiate Choir to perform at the Ebenezer Reformed church (309 E. Park St.). This performance will take place on Thursday, March 15 at 7:00pm. Consider attending – show support for the “Morrison-ites” who are members of the choir.

Just a reminder that if you are currently receiving the Messenger each month in print form and would rather have it sent by email, just let Chris in the office know; she’d be happy to change it for you.  By having the newsletter emailed, you save the church postage and you get it faster – delivered to your in-box on the same day the others are mailed. And if you simply don’t want to receive the Messenger, just let us know.  We’ll be glad to honor your choice. 

If you’re an Amazon shopper, it’s quick and simple to sign up for the Amazon Smile program – just go to It’s a program where they return to any charitable organization .5% of all purchases you make. When signing up , it asks you which organization you want to give to – simply type in Morrison United Methodist Church and Amazon will return .5% of all purchases to our church. This is an easy, no-cost way of supporting our church.

Did you know that many banks can set up an ‘auto-pay’ to the church from your bank account? Some of us aren’t able to get to church as often as we’d like. One option that several people in our congregation take
advantage of is having checks cut to the church from their bank. All you have to do is talk to your bank, set up how much you’d like to send on the same date every month, and they will mail a check to the church.

The Morrison Early Learning Program at Northside School, 520 N. Genesee St. will sponsor preschool screenings for those two, three and four-year-old children who will be eligible to attend preschool during the 2018-2019 school year. Preschool screenings will be held at Northside School on Saturday, Mar. 10 and Wednesday, Mar. 21.
As a part of the screening process, the screening team will be using the DIAL-4 Assessment.  The
DIAL-4 assesses motor skills, concept formation, and language development.  In addition to these areas, we will also complete a hearing and vision screening. All families will be asked to complete a family screening profile and some additional screening material.
Screenings are free of charge, but parents are asked to call and schedule an appointment with the Northside Elementary School office at (815) 772-2153.

The Scrip program is a great way to support your church without costing you anything! You can stop in the office Monday thru Friday between 9:00am to 2:00pm to buy a gift card from one of the church office staff members. The cards on hand are Amazon—$25 or $100; Dairy Queen—$10; Hy-Vee—$50; Pizza Ranch—$25; Shell— $25, $50 or $100; Subway—$10; Sullivan’s—$25 or $50; Wal-Mart—$25 or $100; Walgreens—$25 or $100.
If you have some other retailer you shop regularly and would like us to have cards available, let the office or Lyle Bush know. We can order Scrip cards for hotels, cruise lines, amusement parks, rental cars and more. A more detailed list of retailers is in the office.

Do you have a “special occasion” you would like to celebrate or share with your church family? We are always happy and excited to join in all the joys and special occasions of our brothers and sisters. New births, anniversaries, special remembrances, birthdays, retirements, graduations are a few examples we love to celebrate together.  If you would like to help provide flowers for our Sunday morning services and share your joys, please feel free to write your name on the Flower Board hanging in the Narthex.  We like real, artificial, fresh from the garden flowers, or whatever your favorite flowers might be. Remember you only loan us your beautiful flowers for our services and then after the 10:15am service, you take your flowers home to enjoy.  Please feel free to call Carole Patton with any questions at 815-772-2478 or 815-499-8295.

Do you have clothes or items you haven’t worn, used or displayed in over a year? Are they taking up space? Time to think…Spring Cleaning! The Rummage / Bake Sale will be Friday, April 27 from 12noon – 5:00pm and Saturday, April 28 from 8:00 – 11:00am. Consider filling a donation box!
We are looking for volunteers to help before, during, and after the sale. We will need help with set-up on Thursday, April 27 at 8:00am, and tear down on Saturday, April 29 at 11:00am, and maybe some help hauling the remaining items to the designated location(s). You can just show up or call Leanne Dykema at
(815) 772-7590 if you would like more information. If you have some spare time, we’d appreciate all the help you can give.

Just a reminder—Friday is Pastor Ryan’s typical day off to get errands done and relax a bit. If you really need to talk to him, call his cell phone and leave a voice message. He will check them throughout the day. If it’s not an emergency, please call the office or send him an email. He’ll get back to you on Saturday.

If you need help on an icy or snowy day when you come for worship, please let someone in the church know.
We can walk with you out to your car! Please remember that we have the sidewalk now that goes from the parking lot to under the canopy. There is a railing there that will help with balance.

Sunday School News
We have received lots of pennies for our birthday church. Thank you to all who donated. The kids were also able to help collect $275.00 for our local food pantry by holding the big soup bowls on February 4 – “Souper Bowl” Sunday.
We are looking for at least one or two shepherds for the Sunday School program.  We would like to have at least 2 shepherds per class.  This will give the shepherds a chance to take turns teaching and our teachers will not get “burned out”.  We provide all the information needed to teach.  Our classes usually run from 9:20am to 10:00am.  NO EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED! Please contact Kellie Kohl at 815-772-4174 or kohl68@ if you would like to help or have questions.

The Senior Spotlight is on Fred Steele this month.  Fred came to MUMC shortly after he finished serving in World War II.  Fred continues to demonstrate his patriotism by being active in the Morrison Memorial Day parade.  He has helped coordinate and/or participated in the parade for over seventy years.  
Fred raised his family in the church with his now-deceased wife, Peggy.  Vivian later joined him in the ministries of the church.  Fred has served on most of the committees in the church.  He especially enjoyed working on the building committees, as MUMC added on and later the Sanctuary was replaced.  
  Fred was one of the first two leaders of the Stephen Ministry.  The Stephen Ministry is a lay-led,
one-to-one caring ministry.  Persons who become Stephen Ministers complete extensive training under the tutelage of the Stephen Leaders.  
Fred was also instrumental in a prison ministry at the local jail.
When asked what advice he would give to young people, he replied, “Follow the Golden Rule. Do to others as you would have others do to you.”   
-Pastor Polly Klimson

* Beth Thompson and Annmarie and Brianna Groenewold (participants in our bell choir) on the passing of their
son-in-law/father, Jason.
* Our condolences to Lori Linder and family upon the death of her sister-in-law in mid-February.

Saturday 2/3/18 2/10/18 2/14/18 2/17/18 2/24/18
37 57 Ash Wednesday 35 40
Sunday 2/4/18 2/11/18 7:00pm 2/18/18 2/25/18
176 128 51 126 130

March Birthdays – If your birthday or anniversary is not listed, please let the office know.
Rosemary Coplan 3/1
Ellen McCulloh 3/1
Vicki Wiebenga 3/1
Clair Sack 3/2
Corwin Hagerman 3/2
Nicholas Paisley 3/2
Addyson Cox 3/2
Nicole Tessendorf 3/3
Jonathan Paisley 3/8
Cindy Tessendorf 3/9
Michael DeSpain 3/11
Lakin Goodman 3/12
Tommy Kohl 3/13
Ashton Smith 3/14
Patti Damhoff 3/18
Dennis Stiefel 3/19
Brad Huizenga 3/21
Larry Tessendorf 3/22
Shawn Waters 3/23
Patti Nice 3/23
Owen McCulloh 3/25
Amber Vegter 3/26
Barb Domdey 3/27
Debra Dunaway 3/28
Alec Klimson 3/29
Joshua Vos 3/30
Steve Smith 3/30
Joyce Miley 3/31