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Welcome to our web page for the Morrison United Methodist Church. We hope that you will join us for our services this coming weekend so you can experience the “best place to be” for yourself. We have a Contemporary Worship Service on Saturday evenings as 5:30 p.m. On Sunday morning we worship at 8:00a.m. and 10:15a.m. (We have one 9:00a.m. worship service after Memorial Day through the Sunday before Labor Day, and one 10:15a.m. service in January and February.)


Early in 1836, a Methodist preacher arrived on horseback in Mt. Pleasant Township. The Rev. James McKean held services in a cabin of James Thomas – located northeast of Morrison. This became the first religious organization in the township, and was officially organized at Unionville in 1842. A church building was built in Unionville in 1855. The church was moved to Morrison and dedicated in 1862. A new building was then erected while the old one was remodeled, and both were dedicated in September of 1877.

In 1905, the church was enlarged and a basement added. The spire was taken down because it was insecurely fashioned. In 1929, the church was dressed in brick veneer and a new roof was added. In 1957, an option was presented to build a new building on other land, but the proposal was voted down. In 1964, permission was granted to construct a new education wing. In September of 1975, the Building Committee was given permission to build a brand new church building.

Groundbreaking was held on May 9, 1976 and construction began. In less than a year, the construction of the new church was completed. On April 3, 1977 – Palm Sunday, a ‘cross over’ was held, and the United Methodists walked to the new building from the Presbyterian Church where they had worshipped almost a whole year. The first worship service held in the new building was on Easter Sunday – April 10, 1977. We continue to proudly serve from this location – being a center of mission and ministry to our community and our world.



Hello and welcome to the United Methodist Church of Morrison’s website!   My name is Rev. Dr. Noah R. Panlilio, Pastor Noah for short.  I was born and raised in the city of Manila Philippines and grew up in a family of eight siblings who are all active in church ministry.   I started the ministry as a youth pastor while in college.

I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts, majoring in Sociology and
Religious Education at the Philippine Christian University.  I received
Theological education and ministerial training at the Union Theological
Seminary with the degree of Master of Divinity.  I later finished Doctor of
Ministry degree at Wesley Divinity School.

As an Ordained Deacon and Ordained Elder in the United Methodist
Church, I served several United Methodist congregations in the city of Manila and suburbs, and was also a former faculty member and Campus
Minister.  In Northern Illinois Conference I served several United Methodist congregations in the districts of North West Chicago, Aurora and Dekalb.  I was involved in several community outreach programs and even served as a volunteer Chaplain in police departments, the community hospital  and the Boy Scouts of America.  I feel as though I am a seasoned and skilled pastor, preacher, teacher, singer, chaplain and a missioner.  I have organized and led several Volunteer In Mission projects teams from the Northern Illinois Conference for church and community mission initiatives and community medical-dental assistance in different parts of the Philippines since 2001.

I’ve received awards and scholarships for continuing education in Ecumenical Studies by the World Council of Churches in Geneva Switzerland; Lay Mission Academy Formation in Brisbane Australia with the World Methodist Council; Mission and Ministry studies in Puerto Rico and Trinidad/Tobago Islands with the Caribbean Council of Christian Churches. Holy Land Studies and Pilgrimage in Telaviv and Jerusalem sponsored by the Knights Templars of Grand Commandery of the State of Illinois.

I previously served as pastor of Malta and Northwest Malta United
Methodist Churches in the DeKalb District.  I loves Jesus, enjoys singing,
walking, reading, traveling, golf, fishing, music, and culinary arts, and is
blessed with a lovely and talented 18 year old daughter, Reanna Grace. A
freshman in college taking up Music Performing Arts at the University of
Wisconsin in Milwaukee.

How many years have you been in the position/ how many years in the church? :: I have been at MUMC since July 2019.
Family :: Daughter – Reanna
Hobbies :: singing, walking, reading, traveling, golf, fishing, music, and culinary arts.
One thing you like about your job ::

MARCIA HAAG  :: Co-Senior Care Coordinator 

MARCIA HAAG :: Marcia Haag was raised on a farm in Fair Haven.  She was educated in Fair Haven school from first grade through eighth grade, and Marcia was a graduate of Chadwick High School.

Marcia married Evan Haag in 1967.  She is a mother of two daughters, Elizabeth (Jarod) Schroeder of Evanston and Stephanie (Josh) Hughes of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  She has two grandsons, Tate and Turner Schroeder.

Marcia has resided in Morrison for 48 years.  She is a member of Bethesda Lutheran Church, where she serves as the treasurer.  She also serves on Odell Library Board, the Resthave Auxiliary Board and the Resthave Board.  Marcia enjoys volunteering at MCH, Resthave and The Loft.

Marcia spends time visiting her senior friends and relatives in their homes and/or facilities.  She enjoys listening to their stories and talking with them. Her hope is that she provides company for the seniors.

How many years have you been in the position/ how many years in the church? :: Since 2005 as treasurer and a member of the church since 1968
Family :: Wife – Gretchen, & Children – Lori, Trent, Todd, & 5 Grandkids
Hobbies :: Gardening and yard work, woodworking, outdoor activities
One thing you like about your job :: Time shared with co-workers


How many years have you been in the position/ how many years in the church? :: 28 years as the Vocal Director
Family :: Married with 3 children and 7 grandchildren
Hobbies :: Reading and traveling
One thing you like about your job :: Love and appreciate the talent and dedication of the singers.



How many years have you been in the position/ how many years in the church? :: Since 2008 as Organist but been in the church for over 77 Years
Family :: Husband Doug – Children Steve, Lisa, Todd – 5 Grandchildren, 1 Great Grandchild
Hobbies :: Folk art painting, reading and jigsaw puzzles
One thing you like about your job :: I love playing the organ. I love the sound of the organ. I love being part of the church service.



How many years have you been in the position/ how many years in the church? :: Since 2015
Family :: Lives in Erie with her Children – Alison and Kenny
Hobbies :: Reading, biking and spending time with family.
One thing you like about your job :: I enjoy the wonderful atmosphere and the people!



How many years have you been in the position/ how many years in the church? :: I began as the Activities Director in October of 2018. I have been a part of the church for many years (since 1997), and professed my membership in 2014.
Family :: I currently reside in Clinton, IA.
Hobbies ::
One thing you like about your job ::   I enjoy planning events and am excited to come up with fun events for people of all ages in our church.